Interface for medium & large-scale farm data

The medium and large scale farm interface provides access to the ADGG data platform for livestock producers with many animals. It is web based and customized as a self-service tool to support herd management in addition to centralized data management.

Farmers registered on the ADGG platform either directly or through different farmer organizations are provided with unique credentials to enable them capture and interact with their individual farm data.

The interface enables each farm to obtain statistics and summaries on the performance of their animals in terms of milk production, reproduction and health. Custom based summaries on different aspects related to the herds can also be generated.

Data from the medium and large scale farms is collated on the ADGG platform and used in the national evaluation of dairy animals to generate more robust outputs to support the livestock industries.


lsf summaries

Farm data by country

Farms Animals Milking Animals Breeds
Tanzania 41 2245 101 14
Kenya 16089 190657 18937 26
Ethiopia 992 25758 10073 25
Zambia 7 30 15 4
Uganda 65 1250 149 9

Summary of medium & large-scale farm data

17, 194


219, 940


29, 275

Total number of animals with milk record


Total number of Breed

Total registered animals by type